To Join:
Why not come along to the Community Education Centre on Edward Street, Dunoon on a Saturday morning to meet us?  Anyone with an interest in playing or learning to play the fiddle is most welcome.
You can download the membership forms  here or just ask a committee member for them when you visit us.


1. The name of the organisation shall be Cowal Fiddle Workshop.
2. Its function shall be:

  1.  to advance, improve, develop and maintain public education in, and appreciation of, the art and science of music in all its aspects, primarily of traditional Scottish Fiddle music, by any means the committee sees fit, including through the presentation of public concerts and recitals
  2.  to encourage tuition of beginners
  3.  to provide a forum for related educational and social activities
  4.  to further such charitable purpose or purposes as the committee in their absolute discretion shall think fit but in particular through the making of grants and donations.

3. Membership

Membership of the Cowal Fiddle Workshop shall be open, irrespective of nationality, religious view, race or colour, or physical disability to all persons who want to play (or are able to play) one of the fiddle family of instruments or accompanying instruments, or a conductor.

Membership will be of three kinds:

  1. Individual Membership shall be open to all persons aged eighteen years and over.
  2. Junior Membership shall be open to all persons aged between seven and eighteen years of age.
  3. Associate Membership. Associate Members shall have no voting rights and shall not be entitled to attend the Workshop but shall be entitled to receive all circular notices sent by email to Ordinary Members, and to receive electronically copies of the music we are playing at our concerts and rallies. They may also play at Workshop Rallies and Concerts if invited by a Member. Associate Members shall be allowed to convert at any time to a Full Member on payment of the full difference of the Annual Subscription between each class of membership.

For the purposes of the Constitution the age of a member shall be taken at 1st. August each year.
The rate of subscription shall be reviewed annually and membership fees will fall due at the beginning of each session.

4. The Committee

Subject to limitations relating to the powers of the Annual General Meeting of the Cowal Fiddle Workshop the policy in general management of the affairs of the Cowal Fiddle Workshop should be directed by the "Management Committee" which shall meet not less than eight times year, the meetings to be called by the Chairperson or Secretary.
The Committee shall consist of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Musical Coordinator, & up to four ordinary members, elected from the membership at the AGM.
For a full committee in post, five members of the committee shall form a quorum. In all other circumstances at least four shall be present. The Chairman shall have a casting vote as well as a deliberate vote.

5. Office Bearers

Office bearers shall be elected at the AGM to serve for a period of two years. They may then be re-elected to another office if so voted unanimously by the Committee. The Treasurer and Secretary may be re-elected if so voted unanimously. The Ordinary members shall be appointed for a period of three years after which time they must retire but may offer themselves for re-election.

6. Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held near the end of each session when reports and statements of account for that session shall be presented by the Chairman and Treasurer.

7. Special Meetings

The Chairman on his/her own initiative may call special meetings of the workshop at any time or following a request made to the secretary.

8. Financial Arrangements

The funds of the workshop shall be lodged in a bank account in the name of Cowal Fiddle Workshop. Cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and Chairman or Secretary. The financial accounts shall be audited or examined to the extent required by legislation or, if there is no such requirement, scrutinized by a person who is independent of the Committee and then submitted to the members at the Annual General Meeting.

The income and property of the Workshop whencesoever derived shall be applied solely towards promoting the objects of the Workshop as set forth above and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred either directly or indirectly to any member or members of the Workshop except in payment of legitimate expenses incurred on behalf of the Workshop.
8a. Winding Up

In the event of the Organisation being wound up, any assets remaining upon dissolution after the payment of proper debts and liabilities shall be transferred to a charitable institution determined by the Committee.

9. Amendments to the Constitution

Any proposed amendment to the constitution shall be intimated in writing by the secretary at least three weeks prior to the AGM or Special General Meeting at which such proposed amendments shall be considered and adopted if having a two thirds majority vote of those present

10. Interpretation

Any question affecting the interpretation of this constitution or dealing with any matter affecting the workshop not included in this constitution shall be left to the decision of the management committee but shall be subject to the approval of the members at the following AGM.

Cowal Fiddle Workshop Policies

1. Equal Oportunity Policy is incorporated in Clause 3.

2. Policy for Management of Confidential Information.

Any confidential information such as children’s details are not to be divulged to persons outwith the committee and
To be kept under control of the Treasurer or Secretary so that they cannot be readily divulged.

2a. Confidential information provided is to be kept under lock and key as prescribed by PoCSA and the sample policy
to be submitted to the CRBS.

3. Grievance Procedure Policy

Any grievances are to be submitted verbally to a member of the Committee, in the first instance, who may request the grievance to be submitted in writing to the Secretary, if they are unable to resolve the matter, with reference to the Constitution and the Chairman; a Committee Meeting is to be held within 2 weeks; to discuss any such written grievances received and the committees decision shall be communicated to the agrieved party in writing.

4. Disciplinary Procedure

Any conduct which is which is disruptive and or contrary to the Laws of Scotland will result in the first instance of the person commiting the offence or disturbance to be given a verbal warning by the person leading the Workshop activity, followed by private written warning should the activity continue from the Chairman. The person who is believed to have committed an offence will have the possibility (if they so wish) to be accompanied by a friend to discuss such warning with the Chairman Treasurer or Secretary.

If the the conduct continues or is found to be proved and of such a nature requiring it, then the decision will be given to the offender in writing and the offender will be asked to leave the workshop.
Records shall be kept by the secretary of all grievance procedure.

5. Vetting Procedures

Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007.In line with Scottish Law any adults who are in regular contact with vulnerable groups (which includes children) must be vetted and approved under the above law and provide evidence of vetting to the committee.

Please feel free to join Cowal Fiddle Workshop website.  Free to join and offers ability to view the members only sections.


Use login form on right to login.


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Cowal Fiddle Workshop's purpose is to promote fiddle playing in the local community to all age groups so that everyone can enjoy playing traditional music together. Come along and join us!

Each year the workshop holds an annual rally where players are joined by  members from other Scottish fiddle societies as well as various ' friends of the workshop ' who play other instruments.

The workshop also holds a number of  concerts throughout the year and is happy to consider performing for any local fund-raising  events and local care homes.

The workshop is a keen supporter of the local PACCT group (People and Agencies of Cowal Coming Together) providing the music for dancing and listening at the group's monthly ceilidhs.


I am rather hoping that when I send round pdf files of the music,everyone will be able to print their own copies.
Notable exceptions are on this spreadsheet. If there are others please let me know.

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